A Christmas Surprise!

Last Christmas I didn’t give you my heart, I gave my parents a brand new bedroom set. After the ooh’s, aah’s, and feedback on their furniture, nearly 9 months later, Chic and Shabby was born!

This Christmas, one of my customers was given her gift a bit early. A little hard to hide, her son surprised her this Christmas Eve with two custom order night stands. He gave me the dimensions, a rough idea of what she is looking for, and left all other details up to me!

Here’s the before:


My least favorite color of wood on it’s own (because it’s so BLAH), this medium oak turns out beautiful when peeking through chalk paint. I loved this piece for the columns, each side had a perfect place to add some distressing and depth.

The after:

I used a non-VOC ‘desert valley’ chalk paint, hand distressed each piece, and chose to keep the original hardware. Check out the before picture again (and be prepared to GASP), it’s hard to believe that they are the same handles. A distressed/antique bronze plays perfectly with the desert valley color. A match made in heaven, and my garage.

Each piece was sealed in a tinted ‘jojoba’ furniture wax. After re-watching The Karate Kid, I was mentally prepared for all of that wax on and wax off. My arms were not as prepared. The dark tint settles into the creases and columns, providing me with the perfect antique finish.

Have something similar to this original oak and know it’s style isn’t helping your home? Maybe it’s been passed down, and you’re just not ready to part with the piece. Don’t toss it out or just settle on it’s current style, come to me to create your custom order!




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