Neglected Nighstand


There’s never a need to neglect a nightstand, no matter its condition. When a customer contacted me with a custom order, I knew that this nightstand was the perfect piece per her request! Dinged up and dated, fifty perfect was working in my favor, while the other half was a feasible fix.

Here’s the before:


Typical to a lot of pieces people are holding onto, it’s dark, dated, and very vintage. Scuffs, scrapes, and scars add to the story, and play a part in the Chic and Shabby style. If it’s structurally sound, it can be saved!

Now I need a drumroll, please!

The after:

With a customer who was crazy about cream, I used an off-white non-VOC chalk paint (the flash makes this slightly whiter in pictures). After my distressing, I decided to ditch my typical water based poly-acrylic I use to seal, and try out a wax. I combined a min-wax furniture wax with a ‘jojoba bean’ stain to create a custom color. After a little wax on and wax off, the piece had the antique tint I was aiming for.

I love the side handles on this piece, this small detail adds style and stability when moving (THANK YOU).

The original faceplates were a bit in your face with their super-shiny gold and dramatic shape, unless you’re Donald Trump. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my customer wasn’t the presidential candidate, so these new ‘antique brass’ handles added the detail we desired.

Searching the stores for a perfect piece, but everything just ‘isn’t quite what you’re looking for’? Contact me at for a custom order!


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