Say Hi to the Highboy!

A highboy, also known as a tallboy to the Brit’s, is a chest (typically with drawers) on a legged base. Possibly one of my favorite pieces of furniture (no offence, nightstand), highboy’s are super stylish and don’t take up much horizontal space. Extremely popular among the chic and shabby, the possibilities of these pieces are endless. Light and bright, dark and distressed, cream and crisp, with customizable orders the choice is up to you!

image 1 VS Shabby Chic Grey Highboy at

When I see a dinged up and dated, I picture it’s potential. It’s not X-ray vision, but some may consider me a super-hero. If you’re stuck seeing only worn down wood, take a look at some pictures to imagine the possibilities.

tallboyex6 tallboyex2

tallboyex5 tallboyex3

tallboyex  tallboyex7

Picture one of these pieces in your place? Talk to me about a custom order and say hi to the highboy, though I can’t promise he’ll say hi back.


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