Chic and Shabby Pop-Up Shop

Weeks of work, stress from sanding and days of distressing, the Chic and Shabby pop-up shop has come and gone.

I couldn’t resist myself.

Last night, a local bar in town hosted a ‘Boutique Bonzanza’ that gave local vendors an opportunity to sell merchandise to the community. WELL COMMUNITY, what did you think! Leave me some comments if you came by to check out the show. If not, thank Steve Sasson for inventing the digital camera, and enjoy your virtual tour!


Welcome to the Chic and Shabby pop-up shop!



As a shopper, you were typically walking into my shop from the left-hand side, after you were contemplating capes and shopping for shawls. Baby blue and my reupholstered rattan chair is what you would hit first. Please, take your time and look around. Sit in the seat, feel the frames.

DSCF0721 DSCF0726

Wrapping around, I have my antique medicine cabinet, Wedgwood blue chair, vintage wooden shutters, distressed white side tables, charcoal coffee table and some home accents to accessorize the space. The details on all of these products can be found in my previous postings or on Facebook at

DSCF0735 DSCF0727

My dad surprised me with the door sign last minute. I surprised him by charging ‘$20 of the regular’. Thanks, Dad!



Vintage rod iron corner scrolls with original paint were just some of the surprises I had for the show!

DSCF0723 DSCF0724

My most popular item, everyone was drawn to these. I’ve been working on the set specifically for the shop, and will be posting the details within the day.

DSCF0729 DSCF0730

Also a piece that made a pop-up show debut, this vintage sifter. Meant to be purchased as one, I have the chalkboard and frames attached to the metal.

When listing the desk, I told customers to think outside the box on how to use it. Ironically, it looks great with a ‘box’ inside.


Ending with the other chair to the pair, you have now completed a full tour of the shop!

**decides on a purchase**

A local to Little Falls, a lot of the shoppers were familiar faces, but I was lucky to get to mingle with some new ones and introduce Chic and Shabby to the community. If you’re interested in some of my items, or a custom order, head over to my facebook to get some more information!


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