Student Desk Transformation


I recently purchased a student desk and knew it was a unique upcycle opportunity. Lots look at this and think they don’t need a classroom desk in their home, but I’m here to tell you– you do. While it’s totally cute to do it as a desk, introducing it to your entry way or bringing it in the bedroom are cool and creative ways to incorporate the piece.

Here’s a picture of the before: It was seriously scratched, dingy and in need of some love.

Student desk before

The process:

This solid wood vintage school desk originally had a laminate covering on the top. I removed that, sanded it down and stained the original wood in ‘ebony’. The rest of the desk was hand painted in pure white chalk-paint, distressed and sealed in a water-based poly acrylic.


Sore from sanding and had time for a selfie.

The end result:

Student desk 4

It measures at 24 1/2″ high 24 3/4″ wide and 18″ deep. Leave the inside exposed for extra storage, or flip it around if you’re not so neat!

Student desk 2 Student desk 3


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