Barn Wood Inspired Coffee Table


Last week I got my first custom order (cue the marching band!) The request: A grey-washed barn wood inspired coffee table.

I couldn’t run out back to my barn to steal some wood and finding local barn wood wasn’t an option– so I had to use my imagination and some chalk paint to make this happen. Like any designer who deals with the distressed, I found a solid coffee table with some major wear and tear. Chipped up and worn down, I knew I could bring this piece back to life.



After hand sanding the entire piece, I hand-made tints and shades of grey chalk paint to layer on top of each other to mimic a piece of barn wood. I’d lay down a layer, let it dry and distress. Lay down a layer, let it dry and distress. After building bigger biceps, and looking at my layers, something just wasn’t quite right. I finished the piece with a hand-made dark colored glaze to achieve the perfect color and three coats of a water based poly-acrylic.


love this look so much I don’t know that I’m willing to let it go. I may be unavailable when they come to pickup the piece. Just kidding, Evan.

If you’re interested in a custom piece of your own, look up some looks and email me your inspirations. Pin it or print it, whichever you prefer, and we’ll work together to make your perfect piece.


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