A Makeover For My Mom (and Dad)

For Christmas last year I spent multiple weekends painting and distressing a vintage bedroom set for my parents. Ten months later, I’m still waiting for my world’s best daughter award to arrive in the mail. After opening it on Christmas morning, my mom was ecstatic and I was relieved my labor of love was over. Little did I know, it was just beginning.

Like many people, my mom was unsure how to incorporate this new shabby look (that she LOVED) into her not so shabby space. Enter: her interior design student daughter who just spent multiple weekends in the freezing cold hand sanding dovetail drawers.

Her request was a warm and relaxing space that was a perfect balance of chic and shabby. I think I know a little something about that.

Mom room 1 Mom room 5

The Kindel long dresser and nightstand that I re-designed and upcycled. Original key hole plates (with a functioning lock drawer) and new antique brass hardware. I incorporated some metallic accessories throughout the room to balance all of the large distressed pieces.

Mom room 2 Mom Room 6

After selecting a warm beige for the walls and incorporating the charcoal furniture, a white quilted bed, light twall sheets and white tiered curtains were the perfect balance to let in some light.

Mom room 3 Mom room 4

Opposite the bed, the room had boring flat panel sliding wood doors. I decided to add wood framing around the doors to mimic a shaker style. I then painted the doors a solid white and dry brushed with the wall color to create a distressed look. The small distressed chair is practical when putting on pumps and incorporates color.

After a couple of frozen fingers and pints of paint, my parents set and space is now complete. Hope you love it, Mom! Pick up your clothes, Dad. You can’t appreciate design with denim on the dresser.


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